Emerging tech will not only create new economic opportunities, it will upend some of our core assumptions about how markets work. As it does so, it’ll open up possibilities to reshape the rules of the road so our economy starts working for everyone. But if we want more than a handful of people to be involved in these conversations, we must ensure that as many people as possible in every community learn both the technical and the civic skills needed to truly participate.

  1. Why Training In Civic Engagement Is so Critical

  2. What We Can Learn from Citizenship Schools, which played a critical role in the 1960s Civil Rights movement in the South by combining basic literacy and civic literacy

  3. Applying The Lessons of Citizenship Schools: 2 thought experiments about how we could embed the development of civic literacy skills in technical training and support

  4. How Emerging Tech Will Transform Our Economy Over The Next 20-30 Years, requiring that communities foster the skills of civic engagement around tech – including addressing issues about the impact of emerging tech that go far beyond good paying coding jobs

NOTE:This strategy must be designed so it can assist people from a wide variety of political ideologies and perspectives learn how to shape the direction of emerging tech, our communities, and our society. In short, the goal isn’t to push a specific political viewpoint, it’s to help revitalize our democracy in an era of rapid technological and economic change.

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