Although this report is focused on using the opportunities of emerging tech to help communities heal themselves, this work might also provide an opening to heal the divides across communities.

We live in an era where much of our politics are polarized – and in a democracy that’s necessary at times. But in such a polarized time, we also need ways to rebuild the bonds between us.

There are few better ways of reforging our bonds than in the crucible of working together. Working together and learning from one another is an efficient and effective means of operating. But if our work is structured properly, it can also build connections among people and communities that have a deep and profound effect on how we see others and how we see ourselves.

In short, as we work together, helping one another as we struggle for a better future for all of our communities, black and white, rural and urban, red state and blue, we may also find our way to rediscovering our common humanity.